The ancient Greek tragedy MEDEA, by Euripides

presented by the Theatre School of Theatrikos Periplous 2023

directed by Maria Kantife

(in Greek language)


Theatrikos Periplous is a theatre group in Rethymno, active since 1988, led by Thomas Kantifes (actor, director, scenic designer). Since 2014 Maria Kantife, actress with a 30 – year experience through collaborations with Greece’s most important theatres, such as the Greek National Theatre, founded the “Theatre School” in order to theatrically educate the people of the region, and to present new actors.


The Medea legend was well known to Greek audiences. After the voyage of the Argonaughts, and the dangers which the love-smitten princess helped him escape, Jason married Medea and brought her to Iolchus, fleeing to Corinth when Medea contrived to have King Peleas murdered by his own daughters. Unfortunately, though she had borne him two sons, Jason then threw Medea over for Glauce, the daughter of Creon, King of Corinth. The repudiated wife plotted revenge, and, as the play opens, faces exile for speaking against the royal house. But Medea extracts a stay of execution from Creon, and then the promise of sanctuary from the visiting Aegeus, King of Athens. Apparently to win over Glauce, who would persuade Creon not to exile her sons, Medea sends the princess a robe and a golden chaplet, which the gullible woman dons and dies from in great pain. Creon tries to save his daughter, but he too perishes. In a final revenge, Medea kills her own children, and escapes to Athens in a winged chariot provided by her ancestor, Helios, the sun god.

You can find more info about the play here: Medea

20,21,22,23 & 27,28,29,30 of October


Tickets: 13 euros

Ticket reservation: 6945458516

At Periigitiki Lesxi: Agiou Frangiskou 2, street (Old town, Rethymno)